Pastor's Page

We have some special coffee mugs at our house. Some were purchased for the clever saying on the side, others as mementos of a special trip or favorite place. There are a few that friends or family have given us with a collage of pictures on the outside. Then there are those decorated in holiday scenes. On occasion my wife or I will rotate mugs from upper shelves down to where they are more accessible. During one such swap a few mugs that were chipped or cracked were set aside with the intent to dispose of them. At one point, I rescued a cup that had a chip in the rim planning to return it to an upper shelf. Debbie looked surprised. “It’s a special cup,” I told her. “John gave it to me when he heard that I’d completed all my doctoral work.” The look I received back communicated, “But you don’t use it. What good is it?” I replied, “Well I don’t drink out of it anymore, but, it is still useful.

Bread Ministry ~ Mission Funds

We once again have an opportunity to help our mission fund with a bread ministry.  Tops Supermarket on Route 11 in North Syracuse has offered to give us their left-over bakery products on Friday morning, which we will then be able to offer to you on Sunday morning after the worship service, for a donation to the mission fund.  This is a call for volunteers to help pick up the baked goods Friday mornings between 9:00 a.m. and noon.  We started picking up the bakery products four weeks ago, but we are in need of additional help.   If you can help us with this new opportunity, please contact Tom Fredette at 315-652-6989 or Dave Greer at 315-635-6629. There will be another opportunity in the near future to pick up left-over baked goods at Tops on Wednesday mornings for the Community Food Pantry.  We will keep you posted regarding this new opportunity.

Fall Study~Values Begin at Home

We easily recognize the stages of physical developmental of children as they progress from being completely dependent on adults as newborns to independence as young adults. Sometimes we don’t think about other types of development and what impact we have as we guide our children.

Beginning October 12, Dr. Lundgren is offering a 6-week series of one and a half hour sessions on Wednesday evenings at 6:30. The class will study the developmental needs of children and youth from birth through high school with a focus on physical development, cognitive development (how they think), psycho-social development (how they interact with others), moral development (how they make decisions) and faith development.

"Laughing in the Dark" Bible Study

Laughing in the Dark is a Bible study on the book of Job that takes a look at Job and relates it to women in our present age. The study utilizes some video by Chonda Pierce in which she shares every woman’s journey through life, death, and hope as together we will encounter the living God. Chonda parallels her life and many women’s experiences to Job’s struggles and enduring faith.  Chonda’s take on struggles, loss, friends, relatives and the nature of God is filled with truth and humor as her legions of fans have come to expect from one of the most influential Christian women in our era.  Debbie Mott-Lundgren will lead the seven weeks of discussion and group study on Tuesdays evenings, September 20 – November 1, 6:30 – 8:00. Please sign up at the office so materials can be prepared in advance.  Also, bring along your Bible and something to write with.

Men's Study Group

Tuesday, September 13, 6:30 pm
This small group will begin a six-week study of Adam Hamilton’s “Leading Beyond the Walls” (Leadership, Worship, Preaching and Missional Outreach) as presented at the Upper New York Annual Conference in June of this year.  In part we will examine mission, evangelism and Methodism as practiced in the largest United Methodist congregation in the country, and look for lessons learned that might be applied to our congregation.  The first class will be Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 p.m. George Ramseyer, 638-8177,

Eureka Book Club

September 26, 6:00 pm
Rev. Patti Walz will continue to lead a monthly dinner book club called “Eureka Book Club.”  The word “Eureka” comes from the Greek word “heureka” that meant “I have found it! “or, “I have made a sudden remarkable discovery!”  In the New Testament, Phillip exclaims to Nathanael, “Eureka!  We have found him whom Moses and the prophets spoke of.”

“Eureka Book Club” participants will meet the 4th Monday of the month (except for December) from 6 until 7:30 PM for dinner, fellowship, and discussion in the church’s dining room.  Dinner will be take-out from a local establishment and the cost will be split among attendees.  Estimated cost will be $7-10, depending on the number of participants.

Fall Rummage Sale

September 30 & October 1.  Bake Sale, October 1
Donation days: Sept 28 & 29, 9 am to 6 pm
Sale days: September 30, 9 am to 6 pm and October 1, 9 am to 1 pm
Donations wanted – clothing of all sizes, linens, bedding, kitchen items, puzzles, books, games, toys, tools, sporting equipment, leftovers from your garage sale, etc. If you would like to volunteer to help with the sale or if you have any questions about donations, please call Beverly Frank (638-4142) or Marlene Fredette (652-6989). The Cheery Visitors will be having a Bake Sale on Friday, October 1 in conjunction with the U.M.W. Rummage Sale. Your donations of baked goods would be most appreciated. Questions? Joyce Wilkinson (635-9763)