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A few months ago one of the staff at a medical center handed me a gown and said, “Here put this on.” Fortunately, Debbie was with me and able to secure the ties in the back, or else there would have been less covered than anyone would have been comfortable with. Awhile later the staffer reappeared and said, “You can follow me” and led me down and around a series of hallways. What an awkward set of feelings I experienced. Here I was a grown man who needed help getting dressed only to be taken to places unknown.

Church on the Island

Rev. Patti Walz is leading worship services at the Paper Mill Island Amphitheater, Baldwinsville, July - August.  The informal, ½ hour, non-denominational worship will begin at 8 AM.  Bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy the cool breezes, rising sun, inspiration, and fellowship. 

Pastor Patti's Picks

I am an avid reader and consumer of various media. Each month I will share with you that which I’ve found to be spiritually motivating and/or relevantly informative. Enjoy!

OK.  So, there are a couple of events that led to this month’s “Pastor’s Picks,” and I’ll try to keep what could be a full-fledged sermon into a page or less – not an easy task! 

Ablaze Youth Group

Ablaze Youth Group Summer Olympics
On August 13th, come to the church at 2PM with clothes you don’t mind getting wet (and maybe clothes to change into so you can go home dry) and participate in the Ablaze Youth Group Summer Olympics.  
We’ll have a variety of fun activities, games, and events, many of which will be unlike anything you’ve done before!  We’ll have a bunch of crazy games, so come ready to have fun!
See you then! May God’s abundant blessings surround you, Kevin McAllister

"Fan the Flame" Fitness! July - August 2016

Sign up for fitness classes today!
Baldwinsville First United Methodist Church, 17 W. Genesee Street, Baldwinsville, NY  13027
“Fan the Flame Fitness” is an inclusive faith-based program to promote Wholeness and Wellness within the church, Baldwinsville, and its surrounding communities.

Hula Hooping!
“Find yourself in the hoop!” Burn calories as you increase your flexibility and balance! Hula Hooping is a low-impact workout for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Certified instructor, Shannon Vogt, is inspiring and energetic!  She is also a 9th grade Earth Science teacher and was a 2015 finalist for the North Syracuse School District’s 2015 “Teacher of the Year” competition.

Olde Fashioned Church Picnic

Sunday, July 31, 11:00 a.m.
Lysander Park, 8439 Smokey Hollow Road
Hot dogs will be provided; please bring a picnic type food dish-to-pass, your own table service, and a lawn chair or blanket. (No alcohol please)

V.B.S. 2016

August 15 – August 19
Open to all children entering Kindergarten - 6th grade 
“Surf Shack: Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love”.
Pre-registration forms are now available.
We have several decorating needs to help us prepare for a fun week of VBS.  If you can loan or donate any of the following, please bring them to the church office and mark it “for VBS”!
beach umbrella, small beach tent, beach chairs, big straw hats, party lanterns, inflatable palm tree, surfboard or boogie board, mini light strings.

Download and print the registration form

Become a Bell Ringer!

Joyful Ringers, a children’s bell choir, is looking for new members. You must be at least in 2nd grade to join. Practice is during the Activity Time portion of the 9:00 a.m. Worship Service. If you are interested, please contact Linda Miller (440-6049).

Ringer Jubilate bell choir is an inter-generational group accepting teens and adults. They practice directly after Sunday school. If you are interested, please contact Melissa Turner (638-2509).


Saturday, August 20
The SAMASAN group will be hosting a covered dish picnic at Onondaga Yacht Club, in Liverpool off Sycamore Street. This is open to anyone who would wish to come. We will be eating at 6:00 with nibbles beforehand. Come about 5:00 and enjoy the park. There is a tram ride, salt museum, bike trail and walking path. Then again you can just sit back on the Club’s screened-in porch and watch the sailboats out on the lake. Call Jan Beall at 635-1356 by August 15th if you can come.  Please bring a dish-to-pass and your own table service and beverage.  All are welcome.

Fall Study~Values Begin at Home

We easily recognize the stages of physical developmental of children as they progress from being completely dependent on adults as newborns to independence as young adults. Sometimes we don’t think about other types of development and what impact we have as we guide our children.

Beginning in September, Dr. Lundgren is offering a 6-week series of one and a half hour sessions on Wednesday evenings at 6:30. The class will study the developmental needs of children and youth from birth through high school with a focus on physical development, cognitive development (how they think), psycho-social development (how they interact with others), moral development (how they make decisions) and faith development.

New Adult Sunday School Class

(during regular Sunday school hour beginning September 11)
Weaving Your Life is a journey into the soul. While hands are busy weaving, the mind and heart connect in exploring the inner life, allowing for the creation of balance and wholeness. Actual weaving will be done on small frame looms while exploring scripture and researching the weavings of life. Please contact Linda Miller if interested in joining (440-6049).