Nursery School

The First United Methodist Church of Baldwinsville sponsors a non-profit, non-sectarian nursery school for pre-kindergarten children. Baldwinsville Nursery School was established in 1974 to provide an effective learning environment for preschoolers. The school philosophy is that each child is unique and does his/her "work" (play) in his/her own way at his/ her own pace. Preschool children learn best when interested and actively involved. As an inclusion preschool, children of all abilities including those with developmental delays and/or disabilities are welcome.

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To contact the school you may call 315-635-5723 or send an e-mail to


Baldwinsville Nursery School ~ News and Notes

        BNS Playground Improvement Project Update:
Thank you very much to everyone who has already made a donation to the Playground Improvement Fund.  You can watch the progress of the fund by going to our website, and clicking on Playground Fund. Please note, there are Sponsor Gift Information sheets on the back buffet of the Sanctuary and in the church office for those who would like to donate to this project. Thank you!

        Please consider joining us over the course of the year to read a story or share your talent or hobby with us.  The children love having visitors and so do we! Please keep the children and our staff in your prayers.

Julie Dillon, Director