Pastor's Page

Dear Members and Friends of the Baldwinsville First United Methodist Church,
Greetings in the Name of the God who calls us Beloved. I am writing to you today to share important information about our church as our world faces the Covid-19 pandemic.
With guidance from our political and church leaders, we have decided to suspend gathering for worship, meetings, or other events, in person.  Our Sunday morning worship will be offered online through our Facebook page and YouTube via live streaming.  The service will be archived, so people can share them and listen to them whenever it is convenient for you.  This is a VERY hard decision, because we love each other and treasure our opportunities to gather together.  This love also compels us to take the best care of each other that we can and suspending corporate worship for a time is our best decision.
We will plan to stay in touch by telephone and social media platforms.  If you or someone that you know is in need of ANYTHING, please contact us at the church office, 315-635-6442 (church office) or cell phone 315-292-0850 (Pastor Bill) or 315-383-4384 (Pastor Jeff).
My vision and dream is that when we are again able to gather in person for worship, that there is a tsunami of people who gather in our churches because they are hungry to come and worship with people who have so clearly demonstrated the love of Christ to them in this difficult time!!! 
Finally, friends, may we all seek ways in these days to share the awesome love of God with neighbors, friends, and strangers.  Look for God in these days – I believe God is active and all around us!  
 In Grace and Peace, Pastor Bill Mudge