UNYC Director of Stewardship

Rev. Susan M. Ranous, Deacon of Stewardship (updated 06-04-21) 

          The last time I wrote for The Visitor, I wrote about reconciling the words “happy days are here again”, Christ’s return, and all the stuff going on in the word around us.

          I wanted to share something that has been on my heart. I am a trained facilitator for the Upper New York Conference’s Imagine No Racism (INR) curriculum. I underwent the initial training back in 2018, and was privileged to lead a small group at that time. I then took additional updated training, and just this week started leading a new small group in one of our sister churches through the updated INR curriculum.

          The curriculum has six sessions, and each and every time I sit through the work (at least six times so far), something new hits me. Last night was the first session with this group, and as we had our conversation and listened to Bishop Mark Webb’s introductory video for the curriculum, I heard these words uttered by Bishop Webb:

  • Christ’s Word is the judgment of our world.

  • Christ’s Cross is the measure of our response.

  • Christ’s Face is the composite of all persons.

          Wow! This puts racism right there at the forefront of our work as Christians in the world, doesn’t it? If we are Christians, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves and making disciples for the transformation of the world, how can we allow racism or any of the “isms” to continue. As the INR curriculum says, antiracism is more than simply not “being” racist, it requires the “intentional interruption and dismantling of racism.”[1]




          The courage that will take is scary, but ignoring the issues is scarier. Have you considered participating in an INR group? As a Deacon ordained to “compassion and justice”, I encourage you to do so.


[1] Imagine No Racism Curriculum – created by GCORR and Adapted by UNY CCORR.