"Notes From Nancy"

          Summer Greetings my new church family!! As the summer begins to wind down and the fall plans begin to rev up there is so much to be grateful for.  I, for one, am so very grateful to be your new Director of Music. Even with the slightly slower pace of summer I have been met and welcomed by so many here at BFUMC.  I already feel at home.  Like most of you, I have felt such a longing for some sense of normalcy from this pandemic, especially with the restrictions that it placed on music and singing.  Music fills our souls and the absence of it depletes us.  We need the nurturing element of music in our lives now more than ever.
          This is actually my second attempt at writing this article.  I started it weeks ago with certain plans and intentions in mind.  But as things change and progress almost on a daily basis I have begun to rethink those plans.  Obviously this pandemic is nowhere near ending so we must continue to be vigilant in our methods and protocols to protect one another.  With that said, at least this go around we have the advantage of being vaccinated.  Singing is still considered a high-risk activity and I have researched and educated myself with the latest information from the CDC, American Choral Society, National Association of Teachers of Singing and more.  I promise you that every possible precaution will be taken to protect the lives and health of everyone involved, and these precautions will also be amended as the situation changes.
          As things stand now, and of course not knowing what could change between now and September, I plan to go forward with choir returning etc.  With that said, if suggested guidelines and protocols advise against it, then we will postpone the choir’s return until it is safe for all.  Until we know otherwise here is what we have planned:
          *Thursday, Sept. 9th – Rehearsal from 7-8 (rehearsals have returned to Thursdays) The first 30 minutes downstairs and the second 30 minutes in the sanctuary. 
          *Saturday, Sept. 11th – Choir Workshop 11am-12pm, Potluck Lunch 12-1pm 
           *Sunday, Sept. 12th – Rehearsal 8:15am, Service 9:00am
***To participate in choir you MUST be vaccinated, N95 masks with nasal clips and socially distanced 3-4 ft.***  
          You will all be updated as soon as any different information and guidelines are learned.  With the increase in transmission of the Delta variant things could change rather rapidly.  We will do all we can to protect the health and lives of our congregation.
          Before closing, I ask that you be patient with me as I learn your names and faces (which will be harder as we are masked again!).  Please keep coming up and introducing yourselves to me.  It takes me a while to learn and remember.  So far, it’s been such an honor and a blessing to be here with you all.
In Christ’s Love, Nancy B. James, Director of Music