"Notes From Nancy"

Nancy B. James, Music Director  (updated 06-29-22)
Greetings Baldwinsville First Congregation!  As I sit here deciding what to write to you I am getting ready for a meeting tomorrow night with SPRC for my first-year review.  This has been a wonderful year in many different ways – musically, spiritually and personally.   I look forward to meeting with the committee to discuss future musical plans for Baldwinsville First and to look for ways to improve our worship experiences, to include diverse styles of music and to encourage more to join in the experience. 
          One way to do that is to help people develop a stronger sense of music and their musical abilities. I plan to do that in July by offering a 2-week course called “CHURCH MUSIC 101”.  This class is for NON-musicians and musicians alike.  No prior experience is necessary.  You will learn the basics of music notation and reading skills, as well as how to understand the very basics of musical knowledge.  All you have to do is love music and show up!! 
          If you’ve ever thought about joining choir but hold back because you don’t read music then THIS is the class for you!!  Sign up either on the Choir Room door or in the church office.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
          I look forward to working with you all. Blessings,  Nancy B. James, Director of Music