"Notes From Nancy"

Nancy B. James, Music Director  (updated 4-27-22)
Spring is finally here (even though we did have snow on Easter), and I have come full circle in  my first liturgical cycle here at Baldwinsville First – Christmas through Easter.  It has been a wonderful experience!
I’d like to thank Pastors Bill & Jeff, Marianne and Nairobi, the Bell Choir and of course the Chancel Choir.  All of you have been such a joy to work and worship with.  I look forward to many more years of meaningful worship and joyous music with you.
I have had some questions as to why the choir is still wearing masks.  Well the answer is simple.  We are NOT out of the woods.  We have gotten ourselves to a very false place of comfort.  The upsurge in positive case in Upstate NY is higher than anywhere else in the state.  I think what folks are not taking into account is that singing is a very high risk activity due to the force of projection when you sing.  Particulate can carry as far as 20 feet.  Even if you are vaccinated and/or boosted you can still contract the virus, and with the newer strains so active we in the choir are being as cautious as we can to protect everyone in the congregation from  any spread.  We would greatly appreciate it if folks in the congregation would still continue to mask to protect all those that have compromised immune systems, at least until this latest upswing has subsided.