Fall Fete

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Some of you may have heard mention of the church holding a Fall Fete on Saturday, September 24th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. For others this may be news.  Either way you may be wondering, “What is this?” What it is, is an exciting new opportunity to open our doors to the community and celebrate 150 years and counting, centered in the heart of the community, and shine a light on the many non-profits that make Baldwinsville a community with a heart. 
A " Fete” is defined as a celebration which often benefits charities. To that end  we have invited and will be showcasing  Baldwinsville non-profits throughout our church. This is their chance to answer questions and explain their mission. 
The Fete is an opportunity for us to open our doors wide to our community. We encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors to visit our beautiful church and enjoy a variety of activities for people of all ages throughout the day. Just a few of the things to expect that day include:

  • Different musical performances in the sanctuary

  • Refreshments in the dining room

  • A walk through our fascinating community and church history in the chapel

  • Art activities and entertainment throughout the church

  • Community Showcase of our many and diverse non-profits

  • An outdoor display of fire and police equipment

    To properly celebrate and showcase the church, we need the church (as the song says, “not just the building and not just the steeple, but all the people”.) Please join us by sharing your talents, time and resources as we seek to celebrate – and in turn, grow our church, and grow in our own faith. We are setting up teams to work on all pieces of the Fall Fete.  If you are already working on this, we thank you, and if you would like to learn more or sigh up for a team, please sign up in the dining room, or e-mail Sharon Cook at: sat910@gmail.com. Or Rev. Jeff Hodge at:   jhodge312@yahoo.com

    We look forward to celebrating with you!
    In grace and peace,
    Sharon Cook, facilitator

    Rev. Bill Mudge, Lead Pastor

    Rev. Jeff Hodge, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care & Family Ministries