BNS News and Notes

The Baldwinsville Nursery School:  Julie Madden, Director  
Last month, the preschoolers of Baldwinsville Nursery School wrapped up an extraordinarily successful school year with a variety of ceremonies and celebrations.
Our kindergarten-bound (4-year-old program) students enjoyed a carnival in the multipurpose room.  This end-of-year celebration has become a traditional last-week-of-school event at BNS.  What makes the carnival extra special is that the kids actually earn this party through daily acts of kindness in the classroom for the whole 2nd half of the school year.   In the 5 years of this tradition, no class has missed out on earning themselves Kindness  Karnval fun!
The final culmination of the school year for 4-year-old program students was a beautiful graduation ceremony, held traditionally on the Thursday evening of the final week of school.  This year, BNS “graduated” 29 preschoolers.  Their families were invited to the Church sanctuary where they delighted in seeing their little ones cross the stage (AKA the altar) and switch over the tassels on their homemade graduation caps before treating their guests to a few sweet songs.  Graduation evening ended with cupcakes and fellowship in the dining room where the children were simply elated to be with their classmates, teachers, and families all in one place at the same time!  Among the adults, sentiments were more bittersweet as gifts, cards, hugs, and words of gratitude were exchanged between parents and teachers. 

 The BNS 3-year-old class students have a special way of ending the school year as well.  Instead of coming to school as usual on the final scheduled day, students and parents meet teachers at Mercer Park where they have a blast playing on such a “big kid” playground structure before the special surprise arrives:  an ice cream truck!  Students and their younger siblings enjoy a treat while parents and teachers share memories of the school year before goodbye hugs ensue.  The best part of this group farewell is when all parties can say “see you in September!” since many are enrolled in a BNS class for the 2022-23 school year.  The same is true for our classes of 2-year-old children, who, on the last day, get to go on the BNS/BFUMC playground for the first time! 

Given the extreme challenges of staying open safely through the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic years, combined with the fact that the school served more families than ever before in its history, the end of this school year calls for a feeling of particular satisfaction to be shared among the BNS staff,  the 76 families that spent the year with us and the Church community.  What a mutual blessing:  the school is immensely fortunate to be able to operate in the wonderful facility that is the BFUMC.  Likewise, our Church leadership and congregation should take great pride and pleasure in having Baldwinsville Nursery School, this long-established and reputable private preschool that has served families in the Baldwinsville community for 47 years, doing such good and important work through our building.  Having BNS in our building brings young families into our facility and benefits us financially as well.  Due to the high enrollment rate this past school year, the preschool increased its facilities fee payment to the Church by $3,000.00!

The 2021-2022 school year was one to be celebrated by all!  BNS looks forward to a restful summer and return to school in September.